GreenMAX DRC Wired

9 Zone Open Office

  • Fully distributed room control system
  • Room agnostic—each room operates independently of other rooms—not dependent on network processors or centralized controllers for operation
  • Easy-to-specify, scalable—add and rearrange products to accommodate the evolving needs of any application, and re-zone/re-group and adjust settings with ease through the GreenMAX DRC App for smart devices


  • Multiple zones
  • Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing
  • Scheduling
  • Scene Control
  • Daylighting
  • Multi-Way Switching
  • Plug Load Control
  • Emergency Lighting

List of Equipment


GreenMAX DRC Line Voltage Room Controller  

Qty 1

GreenMAX DRC 0-10V Smart Pack  

Qty 8

GreenMAX DRC Digital Sensor 

Qty 9

Lighting Control Station  

Qty 2