GreenMAX Relay Panel


  • Integrates common sensing, dimming, switching, and advanced daylight harvesting applications from the same cabinet
  • BACnet IP native in each cabinet for seamless BMS integration
  • Industry leading 25,000A Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) at 277V
  • Integrated 0-10V dimming/switching relay
  • Built-in override switch allows manual control of each load individually


  • Relay Control
  • Occupancy Sensing
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Decora® 4 Button Entry Stations
  • Software and Handheld Remote Programming
  • Astronomical Time Clock
  • Scheduling (Behavior Control)
  • Demand Response
  • HVAC and Emergency Interface
  • Building Automation (BACnet)
  • Fail-Safe Circuitry (NFPA Compliant)
  • Partial-OFF

List of Equipment

RxxTC-100 | RPMxx-xxx | Rxxxx-xxx | RHDU1-xxx | RELAY-xxx

GreenMAX Relay Control System  

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GreenMAX DRC Smart Pack (DRC)  

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Fixture Mount PIR High/Low Bay Dimming Occupancy Sensor  

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GreenMAX Digital Lighting Control Station, 8-Button  

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