Energy Metering Solution

Energy Metering SOlution

featuring VerifEyeTM Submetering Solutions

  • Meets all local and national submetering requirements including ASHRAE 90.1, Title 24, City of Seattle, and New York Local Law 88
  • Comprehensive line of submeters, communication products, and software solutions
  • Simple installation in new or existing facilities
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V) capabilities with data collection and storage
  • Ideal for real-time energy monitoring and tenant billing
  • Integrate with Building Management Systems for energy efficiency and savings
  • Meets separation of load requirements with the ability to measure various loads
List of Equipment
  1. (Qty 1) Series 8000 Phase Config Multi-Point High Density Meter SBxxx-xxx
  2. (Qty 1) EMH+ All-in-One Meter and Hub A8814-xxx
  3. (Qty 1) BMO 3.0 Software - Code Compliance Expansion Module BMOSW-COD