Relay Control

Parking Garage

featuring EZ-MAX® Plus Stand-Alone Relay Control System

  • Relay control
  • Vacancy or occupancy sensing with auto-OFF
  • Architectural 0-10V dimming entry station
  • Daylight harvesting with photocell
  • Configuration tree setup
  • Astronomical time clock
  • Scheduling (behavior control)
  • Demand response
  • HVAC and emergency interface
List of Equipment
  1. (Qty 1) EZ-MAX Plus Relay Control Panel R08BD-L08
  2. (Qty 19) Ceiling Mount PIR Ocupancy Sensor OSCxx-RMW
  3. (Qty 1) Indoor Photocell HBE11-IUB
  4. (Qty 2) Low Voltage Switch, 5-Button 00LVS-0SW