Outdoor Lighting Control

Parking Garage

featuring NorthStar Outdoor Lighting Control


  • Wireless system with a self-healing mesh network
  • Suitable for switching and 0-10V dimming loads
  • Controlled by either a simple time clock, dusk-to-dawn photocell control or via customized control sequences
  • Commission through the NorthStar Site Controller using any web browser and the Controller's wifi access point
  • Use the Leviton Provisioning App to identify and locate the fixture modules by simply scanning the QR code on each fixture module at the point of installation using the GPS feature on your tablet or smart device
List of Equipment
  1. (Qty 7) Wireless Fixture Controller, 1 Zone OCF01-1RT
  2. (Qty 1) Site Controller OC00G-00G
  3. (Qty 12) Outdoor Occupancy Sensor OSF20-IUW
  4. (Qty 1) Outdoor Photocell PCOUT-000